An ultra-modern and efficient "no nonsense" company when it comes to STORAGE, LOGISTICS and TRANSPORT.
Efficiency, speed and service at its best because all resources and services are under its own control.
From the smallest trolley up to the largest 27 ton trailer. From the smallest pocket pallet rack up to the largest 60.500 cubic storage warehouses. We handle everything to do with storage, order collection and delivery!

Specialised in the processing and delivery of single items and collect orders for webstores, wholesalers and importers.
Specialised in collecting, delivery and assembling for example furniture and bed stores. We have a separate "courier service" (car and driver) on stand-by for immediate delivery/collection.
Hogenes Warehousing is situated near the N11 (near the "Randstad") for easy access and visibility. Which is another important point to choose Hogenes Warehousing.

Five advantages...

  1. All management and services under one roof.
  2. Specialised in "pick and pack".
  3. Direct customer contact through our Warehousing management.
  4. Dust-free storage warehouses equipped with climate-control.
  5. Solution focused thinking for each client.

Hogenes Warehousing: an added service to your company!


Hogenes Warehousing